GeezWriter How-To: Narrative: An Author’s Guide to Finessing Compelling Story Narratives & Styles guides savvy writers toward ever-greater mastery of the traditional methods and myriad new possibilities in story-telling.

From the basics of planning narrative person, tense, identity, and listener; through the art of fashioning narrative format, structure, awareness, and innovative variations; this GeezWriter How-To builds your burgeoning expertise with concise examples even as it expands the limitless potential of your own creativity.

Next, a series of writers’ tips focuses on developing narrative voices that compel discerning readers not just to hear, but to listen for the ideas in your words. Finally, you may opt to refine your skills with several levels of increasingly challenging practice assignments.

Command a growing audience impressed by the unique narration in your own successful publications. You have stories to tell. Tell them with your best Narrative Finesse.