Point of View

GeezWriter How-to: Point of View: An Author’s Guide to Finessing Compelling Story Character Perspectives is the clearest and most succinct guide to mastering POV for vivid characterization, compelling narrative, and powerful reader immersion.

Skill building includes literary conventions and the five fundamentals of POV; then structuring, splitting, rewinding, intrusion, strategic planning, and more. Mastering POV narrative person and voice builds to interpreting other POVs, manipulating author knowledge, and recognizing special exceptions.

A detailed “POV-Duh!” lesson trains writers to identify unnecessary POV reminders, then to transform them with innovative creative techniques. Seven practice exercises ranging from basic to advanced explore and reinforce any author’s POV finesse.

With the GeezWriter POV how-to, even the most skilled story-tellers discover compelling new ways to impress demanding critics and captivate discerning readers.